About Us

 AFC Fertilizer and Agricultural Products was founded in 2014 in Adana.

Our company has taken its place among Turkey's strong and respected companies by showing a sustainable growth example with its stable performance since its inception.

AFC Fertilizer and Agricultural Products in Turkey, which is difficult to produce, that is, many products that require R & D, both at home and abroad, are making a fast way forward.

Our company is renowned worldwide Haifa's many regions of Turkey (Mersin-Adana-Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia) carries the distributor.
In addition Rotam, a manufacturer in pharmaceutical and plant nutrition groups, distributes many of its products in Turkey. Other business partners Agriges the Italian firm, Australia Mapleton Agri Biotec company carries out its distributorship of Turkey.

AFC FERTILIZER AND AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS production capacity is approximately 350.000 liters per month from liquid chemical, organic, organomineral group products. In addition, it has a monthly capacity of 500.000 kg of drip irrigation fertilizers NPK, special series foliar fertilizers, micro elements, and other organic sourced products.

AFC Fertilizer and Agricultural Products product diversity is increasing every day to meet all the needs of our farmers. In addition, it increases its capacity day by day in order to serve other companies in our sector.

AFC Fertilizer and Agricultural Products has gained the trust of both regional dealers and farmers and it has managed to become a leading company in the agricultural sector. To be worthy of this trust, our company will continue to work in a more rigorous, determined and determined manner.